About ASCB


The Association of Swedish Covered Bond issuers (ASCB) is the voice of the Swedish covered bond industry. The purpose of the ASCB is to represent and promote the interests of the Swedish covered bond market. The objectives of the ASCB are to: 

  • Provide information about the Swedish covered bond market and its issuers
  • Be a common voice of the Swedish covered bond market for external counterparts
  • Enhance the visibility of covered bonds as a specific asset class
  • Represent the interests of Swedish covered bond issuers by direct and indirect participation in international covered bond associations
  • Support and advise the legislative and governmental bodies in all matters related to Swedish covered bonds
  • Promote the long term development of Swedish coverd bonds as being a highly secure product for financing of mortgage and public lending
  • Act as a network and platform for the exchange of information between its members, as well as with external market players


Any financial institution holding a licence for issuing Swedish covered bonds may become a member of the association. All Swedish issuers of covered bonds are directly or indirectly – via the banking group or the parent company – members of the ASCB. The members are:

Länsförsäkringar Hypotek
Nordea/Nordea Hypotek
Swedbank/Swedbank Mortgage
SBAB/Swedish Covered Bond Corporation (SCBC)
The ASCB is a member of the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC)

Steering Committee

The board consists of one member from each member company and has the following composition:

Mikael Angervall, SEB

Samoud Ouisem, Skandiabanken

Fredrik Jönsson, SBAB

Martin Kihlberg, Landshypotek

Ola Littorin, Nordea

Charlotte Norder, Handelsbanken

Martin Rydin, Länsförsäkringar Hypotek, chairman

Kimmy Samuelsson, Swedbank




The secretariat of ASCB is provided by the Swedish Bankers´ Association.
Jonny Sylvén, Senior advisor, coordinates the activities of ASCB.

The Swedish Bankers´ Association
The member companies are banks as well as finance companies and mortgage credit institutions within the banking groups. Branches to foreign banks operating in Sweden are also members of the Association. The Association represents the member companies towards authorities and organisations in Swedish as well as international matters.

More information can be found on the website of the Swedish Banker´s Association.​